Imperial Fest

Annual fête at Imperial College: Evolution’13

Following the successful Annual Sports League organized at Imperial College of Business Studies-Bangalore, the campus witnessed one more spectacular event of the year: Evolution 2013-Break the Ice. The event encompassed a number of contests and students activities including Business Plan Contest, Mock Roadies Contest, Photography and treasure hunt. The event took place on 15th and 16th of March and was concluded on the annual day of Imperial College organized on 22nd of March.

All the events took place under supervision of Ms. Nisha Chand (Assistant Professor and Event Co-coordinator) and contributed by the students of MBA first year of Imperial College. The event details are mentioned below.

Day-1: 15th March

Photography Competition:

A total of 30 students participated in the photography contest. In the contest, they were given one hour of time frame and the theme was “Expression”. The contest was judged by Mr. Abhinav Kamal and Mrs. Aruna Dooraisamy. The winners were:

1. Mr Nawshad –MBA

2. Mr. Swaroop – PGDM

3. Mr. Surya – BBM

Mock roadies:

 The mock roadies was conducted in three rounds: Group discussion, Written Test and Personal Interview. A total of 20 students participated and Judges were: Mr. Nav Kishalay and Mrs. Aruna Dooraisamy.

Winners: 1. Ms. Geeta – PGDM

2. Mr. Swaroop – PGDM & Mr. Karamshil – MBA

3. Mr. Sudharshanam – BBM & Mr. Subham

Day-2: 16th March

Business Plan:

Business Plan theme given was “Online Investment” and totally 8 teams participated. Judge was Dr. Hari Krishna Maram. The winners were:

  1. Mr.Sudhakar
  2. Mr. Sudharshanam

Treasure Hunt:

For treasure hunt contest, the location was in and around BTM-Layout. Winners were:

1. Mr. Hansie Bernad, Mr. Siddhartha and Mr. Sudharshana

2. Mr. Sudhakar, Mr. Mr. Manikanta and Mr. Manoj

3. Mr. Arshad, Mr. Sheik Irfan and Mr. Sukumar

Annual Day Celebration:

And finally, the most awaited “Annual Day of Imperial College” was celebrated on 22nd of March, 2013. This event was spectacular in terms of the multi-talented showcase of various cultural activities by the students of Imperial College.  Inaugurated by CEO Dr. Hari Krishna Maram, the event saw presence of a host of guests which includes Mrs. Ganga Bhavani Maram, Mrs. Aruna Dooraisamy, Mr. Nav Kishlay, Prof. Sonika Sharma, Ms. Vernica and Mr. Animesh. Prof. Sonika Sharma, Dean of Imperial College, gave the welcome speech.


Mr. and Ms. Imperial Winner, 2013

A Welcome dance was performed by MBA and PGDM students (Ms. Seeta and Ms. Geeta). This was followed by a number of individual and team performances in the various categories of events which includes MIME Show, Dance, Skit, fashion show and so on.

Dr. Hari Krishna Maram addressed the students with an enthusiastic speech appreciating the collecting effort of the students in making the show a successful one. Finally, the prize distribution ceremony took place and the guests conferred the prizes to the successful students. The final vote of thanks was given by Assistant professor and event-coordinator Ms. Nisha Chand. The winner of Mr. Imperial title was Mr. Varun Neil Das(MBA) and Ms. Imperial title was won by Ms. Geeta Rani(PGDM).

Overall, the month of March was a very lively for Imperial College campus. The month witnessed a number of students’ activities including sports week, cultural events and annual day celebration. These moments will be cherished as golden and memorable moments of Imperial College in the days to come.

(Readers can view more photographs of the Annual Day event in the official Facebook  page)

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